How Mindful Meditation Helps Open The Future

Meditation is an ancient practiced used by many today to ease intense thought patterns.

The mind works like a interactive computer constantly processing words and actions. Both around us and also within. This neurological machine needs a time of rest.

With life full of technology and the forever long to-do list, most of us think all day long. Thought movement becomes the action most taken day to day. We think each second of the day like outputting data collectors.

The use of meditation can help focus our thought patterns to think and create futures that fulfill all of the plans, dream, and creations we've stored inside of our data based brains. The idea that 5 minutes could add healthy thoughts into the mind is a tool that can be used for harmony in our lives.

Mediation begins with releasing all need, want, and desire.

Letting go of the urge to problem solve

Becoming centered in prana/breath

Breathing in and releasing out

The mind settles


Finds Peace

If you would like to try 5 mins of meditation on your own, start with a quiet place. Take several breaths in a 8 secs apart, and release for 8 secs do this for 5 mins. You may need to visualize a landscape to help quiet the mind.

Namaste Luvs,

Xoxo Kandee

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